Virtualmin reboot is different form prompt reboot


When From a terminal session I execute shutdown -r now,
I will get a grub menu with a 10 seconds delay

When I Reboot from the Virtualmin screen
the GRUB menu keeps waiting for a user choice
this delay value is probably -1

where can i change the valua so that a virtuamin reboot wiol not wait for user input.

edit the /etc/default/grub file is the wrong answer, I already did that.
changing rthe value from 10 to 20 works also.
That is the strange behavior.


Han Holtslag


Virtualmin does not have its own reboot (it can’t, rebooting is a kernel function and booting is a grub function). It runs the reboot command configured in Webmin’s System->Bootup and Shutdown, which is shutdown -r now, by default, on most Linux systems.

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