Virtualmin RAM usage and running processes.

Hey guys,
I’ve got VPS with 1 gb ram (2gb burst, but I don’t count on it) and average usage is over 600.
I’ve got some processes that are doubled, trippled or even more. How can I limit their number?
9 processes of /usr/sbin/apache2 -k start (25mb ram ea)
4 processes of /usr/bin/php5-cgi
and more like 7 processes of python etc etc. I’ve stopped dovecot and postfix servers, but I’m afraid that when I run it my server’s RAM is out.
Could anyone help?


Well, the key to limiting the memory that Apache and PHP each use is to limit the modules that are loading.

Also, you can save some memory by using the CGI PHP Execution mode, rather than the default FCGID. You can change that for your Virtual Servers in Server Configuration -> Website options. That would prevent the PHP processes from remaining in memory after they finishing serving a request.

You’d also want to review all the services you have running, and make sure you need them all. There’s some documentation on all that here:

Thanks ; )