Virtualmin Quota is calculated incorrectly for a user

In virtuialmin the quotas are not calculated correctly, have a look, in virtualmin:

then in virtualmin file manager:

then to confirm in terminal:

So it looks like terminal and FIle Manager are correct… the quota is showing as double, any ideas ?

Operating system: Ubuntu
OS version:16.04 64 bits

du -s in /home/user/homes/ only calculates stuff in “homes”. Which is mainly email.
The entire domain contains more than whats in /home/user/homes/. Whats size of /home/user/? That should be close to the right size.

Thanks scot, yep that’s a completely valid point… although in this case the user is an email only user…

Sorry I should have said, the domain has no websites, the whole server is only used for mail domains without any websites, purely only emails …

I’ve also tried checking disk quotas:

But it make no difference …

Any backups for the user? They default to being stored in /home/user/virtualmin-backps or something like that.

Just checked it now:

nothing in backups …

Virtualmin assumes all files owned by virtual server user. For example, if you have a large file in /tmp, which is owned by virtual server user, it will also count.

@Jamie - I think Administration Options > Disk Usage > By user should show files’ location outside of home too, so it could be easily tracked if needed?

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Unfortunately that would be very slow, because we’d have to scan the whole filesystem!

Gotcha !!! now you just said that, it makes complete sense!! I transferred the user from another hosting to virtualmin, and prepared all the directories and users in another place on the drive, including setting permissions etc…

Now that I made sure that only the files in the users home directory are set with the permissions for that user, abd the file sizes are reported by virtualmin perfectly correct.

Thanks for everyone’s help !! and thanks @Ilia too !

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