Virtualmin professional disk quota monitoring


virtualmin professional what does it include for disk quota monitoring respect virtulmin GPL?

Thank you

We were discussing your quota problem with Roundcube (not Virtualmin) here: Disk quota monitoring on Virtualmin - #8 by almatecstaff

There are no significant differences in Disk Quota support between Pro and GPL. Pro is focused on features related to large-scale hosting and features that help hosts make money with Virtualmin. Quotas are not among those (there are some additional features for doing bulk updates of settings and such in Pro that can apply to quotas, but they are not relevant to the problem you’re experiencing).

To be clear, we’d be happy to have you as a paying customer, but Pro will not fix the problem you have, as the problem has nothing to do with Virtualmin. You confirmed quotas are working correctly in Virtualmin, so the problem is in Roundcube, which is not our software. We provide an automated installer for it, but we do not develop or maintain Roundcube (we maintain our own webmail client called Usermin), and none of us use Roundcube, so we have little experience with it beyond installing it and what customers tell us about it.

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