Virtualmin Professional Availability

Hi, I was just wondering why Virtualmin Pro is currently unavailable and when it will be available, and if you would say it is safe to use Virtualmin GPL in a production shared hosting environment. Thank you!

It is safe to use GPL in a production environment, lots of GPL users do.

There is recent chatter in the forum about the reason Virtualmin Pro cannot be purchased, could you scroll up a bit and read those messages?


Virtualmin Pro is going to be available soon, as @Joe nearly finished reworking the shop.

… and it is perfectly safe to use GPL version for now.

Hey, thanks for the reponse! I was also curious if virtualmin GPL has a resource limiting feature where i can limit CPU, RAM, And I/O Speed per account/website I create. Thanks!

Resource limiting such as to limit on number of processes, maximum size of memory used per process and CPU time used per process for given virtual server and its sub-servers (processes running under specific Unix user) is only available in Virtualmin Pro version.

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