Virtualmin Pro vs. ISPconfig 2 and 3


I would appreciate it if someone could suggest a good server control panel. I have about 10 or 11 web sites. I’m presently using Ensim Pro 10, (on RHEL) but it’s being discontinued.

I’ve used ISPconfig in the past. However, it appears that they might be in transition from version 2 to version 3, and version 3 might not work right on my CentOS 5.3 OS on one server.

I’ve used the free versions of usermin and webmin. Not what I want.

Virtualmin GPL does not support templates, and I think that templates might save us time.

I’m willing to pay for Virtualmin Pro, but I need more information first. I’d like to see some more user experiences, reviews, etc. for Virtualmin Pro, before I put any TIME and money into it.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards, Mike

the gpl software supports both server templates and account plans.

for me, after trying other panels, virtualmin was perfect. It let me host my websites and for others. When I started I actually knew nothing about linux. Thanks to virtualmin pro and the support that comes with it, I gained that knowledge.

there is no way back or even a single thought about using anything else.

also there is a 45 day refund policy.

Thanks, Ronald.

If business wasn’t down, I’d buy it and try it.

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Virtualmin GPL is free. :wink:

As ronald mentioned, it definitely has Server Templates and Account Plans.

I meant Web site templates, not server templates (whatever those are).

I can’t seem to find the page with the comparison table between Pro and GPL right now.

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i think there are about 50 website templates, may be more. it is easy to create your own and upload others.
Not sure if they are in the GPL version though

server templates together with account plans let you create hosting plans people can buy.

Thanks, Ronald.

I would buy the Pro version right now, if I could. But it looks like we will have to lay off our two employees on Monday.

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