Virtualmin Pro vs GPL

Hi all,

So I’ve spent the last few years learning GPL and I’m absolutely in love with it. I’m getting ready to pull the trigger on a Pro license and I was curious about features. I’ve seen the main features listed on the page like reseller, apps and support… However it seems there are additional features that aren’t immediately apparent such as email Hold and forward. Are there some other features I’m missing? Also in reference to email Hold and forward… can I use the second server as a BIND slave in conjunction?



To help with the first part of your question, here’s a page that goes into a bit more detail as to the differences between Virtualmin Pro, GPL, and some other control panels:

Also, you may want to ask any additional pre-sales questions you have in the Support tracker (such as your mail question). That’s no problem, and those are welcome there.

We could unfortunately end up missing some things here in the Forums.


Thanks Eric, I’ll open a ticket.