Virtualmin Pro - Virtual Server Statistics


I’ve been looking around the internet for ideas on how i can get a nice bandwidth/traffic report of all virtual servers setup on a virtualmin pro hosting server. Unfortunately, this topic hasnt been spoken about much.

Basically, at the moment, you would click on each Virtual server individually then go to "logs & reports", then choose either awstats or webalizer to find stats for that particular domain. However, im trying to find out how i can get a summary traffic listing of all the virtual servers on the same page.

See, we’re trying to get an idea of how much bandwidth our virtualmin server is using in a given time, and then see a breakdown of how much traffic is being used for each domain… for example, in the month january, we’d like to compare domain.a, domain.b and domain.c… without having to go to seperate stats pages for each… we can then compare and analyse as many domains as we need on a single page.

With the current virtualmin pro setup, you’d have to visit the awstats/webalizer page for each domain seperately, then manually copy/paste statistics into a spreadsheet…and then manually order them from high traffic > low.

We use Plesk control panel as well, they have a feature called "domain summary" which does this… im trying to have a similar setup on our vmin pro server.

any ideas that can point me in the right direction??

thanks in advance


Well, try going into System Settings -> Bandwidth Monitoring, and click Show Usage Graph.

From there, you can see all sorts of neat system bandwidth usage for all your Virtual Servers, and optionally the sub-servers.

Does that do what you’re after?

Hi, thanks for your suggestion,

For some reason our install didnt have that webmin module installed by default… thats why i could not find it in the first place. :slight_smile:

i have now installed it, and will let it compile some stats over the next 24 hours from eth0… i am very sure after doing some research on this module that it is the exact thing i was looking for.

many thanks again for the pointer… much appreciated.