Virtualmin Pro virtual-server module version 6.01-2 released

Howdy all,

I’ve rolled out release 2 of the 6.01 version of Virtualmin virtual-server module for the Pro repositories.

This is a minor bugfix release to hopefully fix Dropbox backup support (dropbox retired their old API and forced a switch to the new one, so Jamie had to make some changes). This feature is only available in Pro and so there is no update for Virtualmin GPL repositories.

Please let us know if this doesn’t actually fix Dropbox backups.



This fixed backups for me but it unfortunately didn’t fix restores. Whenever I attempt to restore from a Dropbox backup, either via the UI or the command line, I get the following error:

Error: Download incomplete

I have my backups set to go to a folder inside my Dropbox tagged with the date of the backup, and use the one archive per domain format (as opposed to just having a single archive containing all domains). So I think Virtualmin is now having a problem downloading the folder of archive files but this worked perfectly before the Dropbox API changed.

I actually just ran into a situation the other day where I had to unexpectedly restore from a Dropbox backup, and unfortunately I ended up having to go to, share a link to a ZIP archive of the folder (Dropbox created this automatically when I clicked “Share”), download this archive via Curl to my server, unpack it (thereby revealing all the individual archives in the backup), then point the Virtualmin restore script to that folder on the server and run the restore from there.

Unfortunately the only error I ever get from Virtualmin is “Error: Download incomplete” with no other details given. I am running this latest Virtualmin update. How can this problem be resolved?

Is there an issue in the tracker about it yet?