Virtualmin Pro version licence doesn't work

Not very often I’m using virtualmin, and just bought PRO version just to have scripts available , but not sure how it works…
Have serial and key received, also I have entered full command
#sudo virtualmin change-licence --serial 55xxxxx --key ioxxxxxx
Updating Virtualmin APT repository …
… no lines for found!

Updating Virtualmin license file …
… done

what do I missing to do?

Thank you for any help.

P.S. Have purchased it yesterday, have tried yesterday and today evening, but no difference.


It sounds like you’re using Virtualmin GPL at the moment, and you’d like to upgrade to Pro?

If so, what you can do is go into System Settings -> Upgrade to Pro, and there, add in your license information. That will handle upgrading your system.

If you have any additional questions, I’d suggest going into the “Support” section at the top of the site, and making a new support request in our support tracker. We’ll see that more quickly and can help you get things sorted out a bit quicker.

Let us know if the above does the trick for you though!


Thank you for right answer. I didn’t know about that option.