virtualmin pro to amazon-s3 backup

ahhh another day, and yet another reason to love the virtualmin-pro. how much longer does this go on?

does anybody know if amazon-s3 is the same as the amazon unlimited deal for $60 a year? s3 looked like you pay per gigabyte, but the unlimited deal may be too good to pass up.


Amazon S3 does indeed charge per GB… do you have a link to the unlimited deal you’re referring to?


hey eric -

its “unlimited everything”

and FYI, my very first attempt at using amazon to back up worked, right outta the box !


Ah, I see – the Cloud Drive won’t work now, though I’ll talk to Jamie about it.

Virtualmin generally supports backup destinations that are geared towards server usage, and it looks like Cloud Drive is designed more for desktop usage.

However, I also see that it does provide an API, and that may make it do-able.

So, we shall look into that :slight_smile:

Thanks for the ideas!


its just that word “unlimited” is soooo seductive ! its sorta like a beautiful alternative to cPanel i know that lets me create “unlimited” virtual servers.

i am not a fan of amazon by any measure, but $60 a year for unlimited space is hard to resist.