Virtualmin pro resource limit

OS type and version almalinux 9
Webmin version 2.001
Virtualmin version 7.2 pro
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hello , i’m new with virtualmin pro.
i found edit resource limit

i would try to limit some virtual server,
this is my hardware server 8vcpu 16gb ram 240gb nvme

i see only
Maximum number of processes
Maximum size per process
Maximum CPU time per process
i would limit a virtual server to use 2cpu and 4gb ram, how can do that?

thank you


Virtualmin is for virtual hosting aka shared hosting NOT VPS hosting. I know the terminology “virtual servers” can confuse some, but you are not creating VPS’ with Virtualmin.

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yes sorry
i have a VPS with 8 cpu and 16gb ram

can i limit single virtual server to use max 2 core and 4gb ram?

thank you in advance


No that’s what a VPS does.

It is possible using cgroups (on any modern system using systemd, anyway), but Virtualmin doesn’t yet have support for that kind of thing. I’ve talked about how one might use it in a Virtualmin system in the past on the forum if someone wanted to search that up. Server Templates and pre/post modify scripts are very powerful and flexible, but it would need a bit of scripting to make it work.

It’s on our roadmap to add cgroups support for resource management, but I can’t put any remotely firm date on that. It’s pretty far out, I think, probably in Virtualmin 8 in a year or two.

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ok thank you for reply :slight_smile:
so for now i can limit only number of processes and time cpu…

i’m not confidently , so i think it is better to wait…

thank you again

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