Virtualmin Pro - Report Spam Command


A quick question on the Report Spam function within Virtualmin: I would be interested to get the actual command Virtualmin runs when it states that the message was sent to Razor and other Spamassassin spam-blocking databases.

Many thanks

I am also interested In that! What happens exactly? Does it also affect the local spamassassin database?

It is configurable. For spamassassin, it can use the command “sa-learn --spam” or “spamassassin -r”. The spamassassin -r is the “report” version, while sa-learn is local only. I don’t actually use the standalone Razor version, so I’m not sure what happens with it, but it appears to also be possible to report to Razor independently of SpamAssassin.

BTW-When I say it is configurable, I mean in the Usermin Configuration:Module Configuration:Read Mail module configuration page.