Virtualmin Pro proFTP passive mode

I would like to know how to enable passive mode the server ProFTP. I have a Virtualmin GPL with this passive mode working and when I installed Virtualmin Pro on another server the passive mode does not work.

Resposta:	257 "/home/levesaude" is the current directory
Comando:	TYPE I
Resposta:	200 Type set to I
Comando:	PASV
Resposta:	227 Entering Passive Mode (54,232,121,159,236,154).
Comando:	MLSD
Error: The connection timeout exceeded
Error: Failed to get the list of folders


I suspect the article at the end of this document titled “FTP service is’t working” will help you solve that:

Ok. problems resolved.

For this change to be made ​​every time the server is restarted. I edit the file / etc / modules ip_conntrack_ftp putting the list. Correct?