Virtualmin Pro Paid AMI on EC2

Hi all,
I’m about to make purchase on this AMI from EC2 that bundled with Virtualmin Pro edition.
EC2 Virtualmin

But I’ve several questions that need your clarification before I make further decision.

  1. When additional host added, it using name based or IP-based solution?
  2. So far my understanding only 1 IP per instance in EC2, how about for me to configure multi SSL in virtualmin under single IP?
    Please advise. Hopefully to hear from you ASAP.



Well, EC2 isn’t exactly my area of expertise – though I do believe the 1 IP per host restriction still exists, meaning it’ll be using name-based Virtual Hosts (that’s how the non-EC2 version works as well by default).

That also limits you to one SSL cert (though, if you get a wilcard cert, that might help you out).

Posted in the wrong place – sigh is reading such a hard thing to do these days ?