Virtualmin Pro locking up

Problem found but notfixed.
Virus scan was killing the box. We disabled it for now.

Production Server down.
We have a box with 130 users on it.
The box keeps locking up, it looks like it’s running out of memory (1 gig). AFter we reboot the box it doesn’t come back up. This is running on a VM.


Rick<br><br>Post edited by: STG, at: 2008/08/22 08:02

When you say it looks like it’s running out of memory, what makes you think so?

What process is responsible for the trouble?

1GB should be plenty for most moderate use systems (I can’t say if 130 users is moderate use, or not). Mail processing is usually the source of trouble for folks…have you enabled the daemonized versions of SpamAssassin and ClamAV? This can be done in the “Email Messages:Spam and Virus Scanning” page.