Virtualmin Pro License subdomains


I have purchased the Virtualmin Pro license for 10 domains.

Since i only have 2 domains this should be no problem.
Quite soon after installing the license on my running GPL installation i got the message there were issues with the installed license.

Now i wanted to reinstall our staging website using the restore function. I selected “delete and recreate” in the restore screen from where it failed because i was using to many servers.

I realized it counts subdomains as domains aswell.
imo a subdomain is something completely different then a regular domain and shouldnt count as a such.

Beside this, our staging website is now offline and we cannot test some upgrades we were planning.
Is there some way i can recreate the staging website without having to delete a bunch of subdomains (Most of the subdomains cannot be deleted since they are used as proxy to other VM’s in my network)

I have also post this question in the virtualmin pro support page from where i haven’t got an answer… (pro-support ???)

Sub-servers are full-featured domains that can have their own content, applications, mail, etc.(they can even have their own name unrelated to the parent domain). They count against the domain limit for this reason.

Aliases, which do not have their own content, do not count against the domain limit.

Apologies for the confusion.

It looks like Jamie followed up with you in the issue tracker yesterday asking for clarification about your question, but you never replied, so no other commentary occurred there.

If this doesn’t work for you, we can always cancel your license and issue a refund if it is within 30 days of purchase. Or you can upgrade to the 50 domain license, which is $3 more per month.

We don’t have plans to alter the way domains are counted. No method is perfect, but we’re trying to fairly price based on how many unique websites are being managed.

For some reason i didn’t have an answer at the time i wrote this topic.

Thanks for answering the question.
I have replied in the support page and will continue to do so over there.

This one can be closed.

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