Virtualmin Pro hosting services

It would be helpful to have a list of reputable hosting services who use Virtualmin Pro I could give to my clients in case anything happened to me.

I have my server setup so any Virtualmin Pro user/manager could simply restore from the AmazonS3 servers and off they could go with my clients.

I bring this up because as I get older I feel that I am realizing my mortality a bit more than I did when I was young.

If I went suddenly, my customers would simply be up a creek.

If on the other hand my clients had a way to obtain a list of hosting services who could import their sites and pretty much take over then so much the better for everyone involved.

They solely depend on me to keep things running because they really don’t have the knowledge to manage there sites other than adding products to their stores or update pages in their cms’s which I trained them how to do so.

This is not a big ticket get rich thing by taking over a bunch of my customers. It’s insurance for my customers to have a list of people they could turn to in the event anything happened to me.

Is it inappropriate to ask for such a list of hosting services here?


Hey John,

Not at all. We’d actually like to know who is using Virtualmin Professional in reasonably large scale general purpose hosting environments (a lot of our customers are quite specific application hosting providers, or full-service IT firms). I know the TextDrive have begun moving all of their shared hosting servers to Virtualmin Professional, and they have a good reputation for solid support and good quality hosting. They’re the biggest of our customers at this point, though I suspect there are several similarly large (or larger) hosts out their offering only Virtualmin GPL (I’d like to hear from them, too).

This also brings up the fact that we’d like to be in a lot more places–we have quite a few customers that probably aren’t best served by having their own dedicated server. I’d love to be able to say, “These couple dozen mid-sized to large hosting providers, well-rated by their customers and with a good uptime ranking from NetCraft, offer Virtualmin Professional on their systems.” And it’s not just because we need to make more sales so we can grow our development and support staff a little (it’s nearly 10PM and I’m still getting todays support queries taken care of). It’s just better for many of our customers if they don’t have to install Virtualmin themselves. :wink:

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