Virtualmin Pro downloads are available again

Howdy all,

One of many things broken by the forced server move was authentication for the Pro software repositories. In the interest of not bogging down the Drupal server, I’ve opted not to re-implement the direct database-backed authentication we had before (where licenses were available immediately after purchase), and instead temporarily implemented a simple copy mechanism. Every ten minutes the serial numbers and license keys are copied over to the repo servers.

So, after purchase licenses may be unavailable to download for as much as ~10 minutes. This is a temporary solution. It’s 3:30AM, and I’m too tired to come up with anything better for now. Will sort it out properly in the coming days. But, this gets everybody access again.


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Joe, I am trying to purchase a Pro License but I keep getting an error when paying… How else could I do this?

Never mind. Got it.

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