Virtualmin Pro billing System

I am planning in a near future to use virtualmin pro for our growing web host business. Me and my business partner have been using ISP Config 3 and its billing module to manage web sites. As we grow we would like to consider a more stable and reliable web host and billing management system. My concern is if we purchase the full license of Virtualmin Pro, do we have to purchase again a license for WHMCS?
Thanks in advance


Virtualmin doesn’t come with a billing system. In order to do billing alongside of Virtualmin, you’d need some sort of billing software.

WHMCS has the advantage that it integrates well with both Virtualmin Pro and GPL.

And there’s a Virtualmin Install Script for it, so it’s easy to install and manage.

But, if integration with Virtualmin isn’t important to you, you could use any billing software, it doesn’t have to be WHMCS.


Thank you very much Eric for making this clear. So in short what makes virtualmin pro different from the GPL version is its capability to create reseller accounts, its possibility to integrate numerous modules, and the direct technical support offered?


The 100+ Install Scripts and the reseller accounts are two of the more popular features. As well as the support you mentioned.

You can see a feature comparison here: