Virtualmin Pro + AWBS

I cant get AWBS working properly with the latest version of VM Pro.

I dont want to allways sell accounts with email access. I dont want to allways sell accounts with databases.

Frustratingly, AWBS whinges about the above and wont create accounts and I have to turn it on the above features. When I do get it working Awstats doesnt get enabled even though its set to.

It wont even let me just use a template… mind you neither will the command line - it whinges about quotas:

[code:1]./ --default-features --template “webhostbasic” --domain --pass test[/code:1]

No quota specified

[code:1]./ --template "webhostbasic" --domain --pass test --quota 512000 --uquota 512000 --bandwidth 524288000 --default-features[/code:1]

Works but doesnt give me my templates settings regarding features.

[code:1]./ --template "webhostbasic" --domain --pass test --quota 512000 --uquota 512000 --bandwidth 524288000[/code:1]

Beginning server creation ..

Saving server details …
… done

All done!

The above gives me a useless account with no web or features and cant be deleted until i add features too it.

What the heck am I doing wrong? This is the sort of thing that is frustrating the heck out of me and makes me wish I got bloatware namely Plesk or Cpanel.

I just want things to work, is it too much to ask? :frowning:

I’ve got AWBS working on modifying their vm engine to work with templates, the problem is their end. The problem comes up if you offer upgrades, then you need to create a server package with the particulars to upgrade to using the modify command or simply do it by hand. I’ve been banging on AWBS this last two weeks on it.

AW stats for some reason never did seem to pass as a parameter.

I got this from Jamie:

The mimimal set of parameters to would be like :

./ --domain --user username --pass
newpassword --default-features --limits-from-template

This will use the default features and limits from the default template.
Or you
can specify a template with the --template parameter.

For HTTP calls to the API, the same parameters work, but are given as URL