Virtualmin Pro 3.56 install script question

I am thinking about installing Virtualmin Pro on a fresh install of CentOS 4.6.

I know that the install script installs modified versions of PHP and Apache.

I can’t find anyplace here on the site that lists what point release versions of those will be installed with Virtualmin 3.56.

Would it be PHP 5.2.5 and Apache 2.0.59 or does the script install modified older versions?

OK So I am changing my VPS to a CentOS 5.1 install but I still have the same line of qustioning.

What versions of PHP and Apache are installed with the Virtualmin install script?

PHP 5.1.6 or 5.2.6?
Apache 2.2.3 or 2.2.8?

Also my VPS is a Virtuozzo VE.

Are there any issues with running Virtualmin Pro or Webmin on this type of VPS rather than a XEN VPS?

Only thing I know is that PHP and Apache are coming from CentOS and not from Webmin.
php 5.1.6
apache 2.2.3
As I understand it CentOS doesn’t upgrade these packages until the next release of the CentOS software

Thanks for the reply Ronald!

When using the Virtualmin Install Script on a fresh CentOS install I belive the install script installs modified versions of some features.

From the Webmin-Virtualmin download page:

If you have a fresh system running CentOS 5 or Debian 4.0 and want to install the full Virtualmin GPL stack (including Webmin, Apache, Postfix and other dependencies), the easiest way is to use the Virtualmin GPL install script.

From the Webmin-Virtualmininstall page:

One of the main advantages of using the installer over setting up Virtualmin manually is the APT or YUM repository that it sets up on your system. This includes Debian or RPM packages for Webmin, Usermin and the Virtualmin modules, plus modified versions of dependent programs like Apache and PHP.

My question is are the modified versions the same point count as what comes with CentOS 5.1 or does Virtualmin take those to the newest versions?

You’re both right.

While we do distribute custom versions of Apache (for all systems) and occasionally PHP (in order to insure everybody has both PHP4 and PHP5), we try to stick really, really, close to what the OS vendor provides–we pretty much just rebuild the packages provided by the vendor with the stuff we need (PHP is a bit more dramatic than that, since making PHP 4 coexist peacefully with PHP 5 is an epic challenge).

But, Apache will always be identical to the one distributed by the OS vendor with the exception of suexec_docroot being set to /home. PHP, it depends.

Thanks for the info Joe!

I will be buying Virtualmin Pro in a few days.