Virtualmin Pro 3.54 won't let me install scripts

Worked fine in 3.53, but not after update the other day. In a domain in master admin mode, Install Scripts, then selecting a script and pressing Show Install Options, the right frame displays a blank page with the menu still on the left.

I’m using Fedora 6.

If you are using firefox with adblock addon you must allow the url for VM or disable the addon.

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I am new to Virtualmin and I have spent nearly an hour trying to work out how scripts can be installed.

I search the documenation for scripts. Then on the page relevant to scripts I see the following:

Virtualmin Pro ships with a large number of built-in installers, which domain owners can add to their websites using the Install Scripts link on the left menu

There is no install scripts link in the left hand menu?

How do I put this in place.

Is this documentation for an earlier version?


On the system information screen it says New script installers | try it …

This is the only place I can find a way to get to the script installers which seems all wrong to me.

Anyway it now says "You are not allowed to edit this virtual server"

When I am logged in as the admin user for the site.

It seems a shame that I will have to attempt a manual install when these scripts exist, and yet I can not access them or use them.

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in the left menu got down to SYSTEM SETTINGS
then click script installers

YOu should see all the available scripts with the choice to disable ( or enable) the scripts, this would be the global settings.


This is all a bit of a conceptual issue, I have used Ensim with power tools. This allows server admin to install scripts and the users can pick from that list.

It appears to me that I need to be logged in as server administrator, then have the site I wish to install the scripts into in the drop down menu.

Then I select the Install Scripts from the Server admin menu. Then I can pick the script to install.

Actually this is bettwer than ensim, in that I dont want site admins to access the installers, as they then just play, which leaves the way open for vulnerables.

I think the manual could be a bit clearer on this issue

Install Scripts, like nearly all features, can be made available to the virtual server administrator, or reserved for the system administrator. So, the docs are correct–but I’ll update them to reflect the fact that some or all of the documented features may not be available to all users.