virtualmin on VirtualBox server


I installed virtualmin on Ubuntu 16.04 on virtualbox (is a virtual machin).

For opening web interface I should type: localhost:8080 but how can I connect to virtualmin? for sure localhost:8080:10000 is not correct

Thanks in advanced.

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It worked out of the box on my local network when I used the actual machine IP address.

After creating a website (a virtual server in Virtualmin) and giving it a domain name, with no DNS, on the local network, this works fine

The IP address is the private IP of the machine. Make sure however that you create the equivalent of a network card interface on the virtual machine you are running on.

Mike, Do you mean instead of localhost or the ip of virtualbox by “ipconfig”.

I check both soes not work.
Actually: 2nd is: and it opens localhost not localhost:8080


For connecting to virtualBox I should use port that I defined before (in this case 8080), so I have to write the port after address like localhost:8080 or

The IP address that works above is the machine IP address, not the local 127,. You should be able to see it in

Virtualmin ->Server Configuration->Change IP Address, “External IP Address”. When you have there two of them it is the first one.

I am on a physical machine on a local network and this is the private address of the hardware. It can not be used as a public address and it is not visible out side the local network.

I do not hav access to Virtualmin :frowning:
How can I have access?
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Put your comments in here rather than communicating directly since without the questions the answers don’t seems to be in context.

A www in the address required a registered domain name and will return an IP address from a web name server. The web (your WWW) knows nothing about your virtual machine (and if you try to associate a private IP address with your domain it will be refused).

If you are on a virtual box on your own machine and you installed virtualmin you have created an HTTPD server that is listening to port 10000, (not 80). You must make sure that the virtual machine have the option for virtualization of a network access hardware ON. That virtual access to the network will become visible to the hosting operating system on the same machine. The IP address you are interested in come from the emulated virtual hardware on your virtual machine and if you use it on the hosting operating system it will be found.

Its a bridge vs NAT interface issue it sounds like.
If your lan IPs are 192.168.1.x and you want virtual box machines to be on that same lan and get route info from your router, then you have to pick bridged network interface when setting up the vm in virtualbox. The default setup puts the vm on a separate subnet like 192.122.1.x. Which you will not be able to see from your actual lan of 192.168.1.x.
So either add a new interface to the virtual box machine and be sure to pick bridged as the type, or start over creating new machine but pick bridged interface upon setup. Might have to click the button to “customize settings before install”. Or something similar to that. Not sure of exact wording.
Then it would be on the lan just like any physical machine attached to your router and you access via https:192.168.1.x:10000.