Virtualmin on openSUSE?

Anyone have tried making it work so far, how’s the experience? The installer isn’t supported so there’s that, though it’s quite easy to decompose the process and do it manually. Probably any package management feature won’t also work.

I’m quite new with openSUSE, coming from CentOS. Other than zypper and yast, (and apparmor vs selinux), it seems everything is familiar. What other things should I take note of? :slight_smile:

We used to support OpenSuSE long ago, but package management really sucked and they changed tools twice in a very short period of time (zypper seems to finally be OK, though I wish they’d just used yum, now dnf), breaking our installer each time. Since the number of paying customers running SuSE could be counted on one hand with fingers left over, I stopped trying to deal with it.

I don’t know of any current OpenSuSE users. The quickest way to figure out what you need to do would be:

  • look at the yum-groups to figure out what packages to install, though note that OpenSuSE use different package names.
  • look at Virtualmin-Config to see the configuration that happens after install. If you just need a limited subset of services, you can just pick and choose the plugins you want to look at in the Plugin directory.

Note that you’ll also have to make sure that the relevant Webmin modules know where to find everything (config files, etc.) in the Module Configuration for each module. I don’t know how well-maintained the configs for SuSE are these days…since none of us run SuSE, it depends on users to contribute updates to the config files.

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