Virtualmin on KVM host - Virtualization?

Hello all,

I’m running Virtualmin hosting websites, mail server etc. for more than 14 years and I really like to have everything under control with it. :stuck_out_tongue:
As this is more a private project as business I always had it installed on a virtual Debian server (KVM). I like the low price and the “complete” backup option of these offers. The downside is, that you need to install basically from scratch every 2-3 years depending on the latest Debian version available during the installation and the support plans (as you cannot upgrade KVM based virtual servers as customer).

So, I’m about to move to Debian 11 which means I’m forced to spend some time anyway.
I wondered if there is an easier way to actually move and upgrade the installation. I’m not really knowing much about docker, but I would learn and find my way through if there is a way to handle that easier in the future.

My question therefore is: is there a way to install Virtualmin and everything required (OS, nginx, postfix,…) “portable” in a docker image or anything else, which can be upgraded and moved, when required (without the need to install everything new)?

Maybe that is a silly idea, because it’s too complex or not possible at all, but I want to check on that to maybe safe some time in the future.

If this is not the right place to ask, I’m sorry, …but maybe there is someone with a similar setup and idea in mind :grin:

Thanks in advance and best regards

there has been talk about that, weather anything is happening I’m not sure.