VirtualMin on DigitalOcean will not start

VirtualMin on DigitalOcean - CentOS 7.6x64
the server will not load post a Let’sEncrypt update

What do you mean “not load”? What error are you getting?

My Apache server is running, however, the server throws an error when trying to load.
This may be an apache error which prevents virtualmin from running, however apache is up because I can view the default page.

I know this is a very generic answer, but I’m just not sure what the deal is.
This problem started after I created a virtual server and installed a LetsEncrypt cert.

Since then, I have been down and that was 2 months ago. This is a secondary server, but I need it up for testing…

Webmin/Virtualmin is not running under Apache. Whether Apache starts is irrelevant to Virtualmin. Webmin has its own web server.

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If that’s the case you need to just trash the entire server and start over. Follow the directions here.

And just to make double sure, I’ll repeat them. They’re very, very easy but at least 75% of the errors I see people have is because they simply refuse to follow them.

Start with a freshly installed , Grade A supported Operating System on your server or VPS. CentOS and Ubuntu LTS are very popular options for hosting, and are a safe choice, but any Grade A supported system should work fine. Be sure to configure your system with a fully qualified domain name, as it will save you a lot of time and documentation spelunking later.

Do not pre-install or pre-configure any additional packages on your OS. The installer expects a freshly installed, supported, OS, and anything you do differently may cause conflicts or configuration errors. If you will be enabling third-party package repositories, do so after installation of Virtualmin, and only with extreme caution.

Once your bare bones, no extras, supported OS is installed, run these two commands:


sudo /bin/sh

That’s it. It’ll work perfectly.


I wish I could just trash the system, but I have important deployments on it… unfortunately I can just throw it away.

Trashing the system is not my recommendation, and it’s an unreasonable suggestion for a minor issue.

If you’ll provide useful details about the problem, I can probably help you solve it. But, we have nothing to go on here; no logs (Webmin logs are in /var/webmin, the journal may have information about why a service didn’t start, if that’s the problem you’re having, which I still don’t know is the case), no error messages, nothing. Even the description of the problem is unclear to me. What do you mean by “not load”? What won’t load? What happens when you try to “load” it (whatever that means)?

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Also, I’ve moved this message from the Jobs category, as it doesn’t seem like you’re trying to hire someone to help you solve this problem. (But, if you do want to pay someone to help, I can move it back, but you’ll need to make it more clear that that’s what you’re trying to do.)

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