Virtualmin on Centos 7 - PHP 7.4

Hi, I have installed Virtualmin GPL on Centos 7 and have added PHP 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 (remi repo) on top of the default 5.4 from the distro and all is fine. I just installed the php7.4 package from the remi repo (like all the other 7.x versions) but Virtualmin (during a Check Configuration) does not find it thus is not available to my websites. Is PHP 7.4 simply not supported ? Any Perl files I would need to update for Virtualmin to see that PHP version ?




Have a look at this link.


Thanks … worked like a charm !

Hi sbigras,

I cannot seem to find good documentation how to go about installing php7.4 alongside other versions. I really need to make sure that other PHP versions keep working.
So I was wondering could you share the commands you used installing the 7.4 package?


To Install PHP7.4 (same as for the others 7.x version I use the following commands (simply replace 74 by 73, 72, 71 and 70 depending in the version you want to enable)

Install PHP7.4

yum --enablerepo=remi-php74 install php74 php74-php-cli php74-php-common php74-php-gd php74-php-imap php74-php-mbstring php74-php-mysqlnd php74-php-pdo php74-php-pear php74-php-process php74-php-xml php74-runtime php74-php-cli

Finally just follow the link provide by llia in this thread to have Virtualmin recognize 7.4 !

Hope this helps.

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Hi sbigras,

thanks for your reply!
I appreciate it.

(for other people struggling with the message “No package php74 available” while trying to install)

After some digging around on the internets, I found this link which tells me that I can find the php74 in the remi-safe repository.