Virtualmin not updating?

I have a server running Virtualmin purchased in 2006, it is presently at version 3.42. A Virtualmin purchased for a new machine tonight (same license) is running version 3.49 (Pro).

The Pro has some amazing features that would be extremely useful on my original box - so in that I have a couple quesitons:

  • What do I have to do to upgrade?
  • I thought Virutalmin would update itself automatically?
  • is there something I missed in my configuration?

Only other potential issue I can think of is my Virtualmin 3.42 version was originally purchased as a 10 domain license and upgraded to the 250 hosted domain. Any advise is welcome and thanks!

– Love this product!

Just as an FYI to anyone else encountering this issue and having questions. Once my busy season gave a bit of a break I was able to investigate this issue further. It all boiled down to needing to run the YUM UPDATE process and allowing the current Virtualmin to install. This solved the issue.