Virtualmin not renewing SSL certs

Operating system: Ubuntu
OS version: Ubuntu18.04 LTS

Hello all,
Need help here, I’ve recently switched to letsencrypt with virtualmin and now the certs are not autorenewing. All of them have not even started the renewal process is there any cron from virtualmin that is failing ?

Currently SSL Cert Automatic Renewal is set at 2 months and Time since last renewa. went to 2.34 months.

Although manually renewing them is working fine, but that’s not the ideal solution in the long run.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Is there anything valuable can be found on the domains that weren’t automatically renewed in /var/log/letsencrypt directory?

Was it even run?

thanks for reply

on checking this path with vim

on 1st server
no such file or directory!!

on 2nd server

there are logs in the directory but only for 1 domain and after I manually renewed cert

logs for all renewed domains are logged as well

checked rotated logs on 2nd server as well, ssl renewals are even failed for 1 domain, but strangely manual renewal works for same domain

Found this is a duplicate of Let's Encrypt certificates not renewing anymore - #14 by Ilia

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