Virtualmin not creating vritual FTPservers


I have a very annoying problem.
Wen I add a virtualserver it wil not create virtualFTPserver I install proFTPd version 1.3.4.

I made sure it is checked in system settings >> Features and Plugins.

Can someone help me?

Can you be more specific? What exactly doesn’t work about what you’re trying to do?

Also, are you sure you need virtual FTP servers? All virtual domain owners can log in via FTP out-of-the-box, the “virtual FTP” feature is used for IP-based anonymous logins. Here’s an excerpt from the help file:

“This feature is only needed if you want to provide name-based access to an anonymous FTP server. Almost no one needs this feature to be enabled (that probably means you). You do not need to enable this feature if you just want to provide FTP access for the domain owner account, as any user with a shell account will automatically have FTP access to their home directory.”

The problem is that when i create a new virtual domain i’m not able to login to the ftp.

it gives an 550 error no premission but when i check the owner of the map and files it says that the owner is the user how wants to login so i dont know what is wrong

Can you check the contents of the Syslog, ProFTP’s log and auth-log at the time when you try to log in please? You don’t need a virtual FTP server, it rather seems you have some authentication problem.

Which distribution are you using? Did you install Virtualmin using the installer script on a fresh system?