Virtualmin not accessible from my computer

Dear mods,

I have just done a fresh virtualmin installation:

From a proxy network, I can open https://myserverip:10000

From my computer (I use Windows), I cannot open https://myserverip:10000, it is always timeout.

From my computer, I can telnet the server at port 10000 without issues. This means port 10000 is neither blocked by our local network nor by the datacenter

From my computer, I can open http://myserverip:10000 (HTTP) and the page shows This web server is running in SSL mode. Try the URL https://serverhostname:10000/ instead.

From my computer, I can open http://myOTHERserverip:10000.

I created some test websites (login virtualmin through a proxy network), and from my computer (NOT proxy), I can browse the test websites normally.

I’d like to ask what is the problem and how to fix it? I am on Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit

Thank you for any help!

I have seen that the problem is not because of the network. It is a browser compatibility problem. I cannot open https://myserverip:10000 on firefox, but I can open on google chrome and microsoft edge.

I have tried a few networks and they showed the same pattern


I’d definitely be interested in hearing if it works with a different browser.

While all browsers should work, especially Firefox – I’d wonder if something like a plugin, anti-virus, or similar might be causing a problem of some sort.


Hi andreychek, this should not be my firefox problem since I use firefox to access other virtualmin servers without problem. It should be the installation problem, which went smoothly, but there may be some hidden bugs. I remember in the past I also encounter the same issues with an IP starting with 104, and now it happens again with another server also with an IP starting with 104. I don’t know whether this is a coincidence. I can give you an empty server and you can login to install virtualmin yourself to check what is wrong. I have tried installation many times and the problem still persists, while on other test servers it works fine.