Virtualmin Not Able to Detect IP Address on Fresh LEMP Install on CENTOS 8

I just tried to install Virtualmin LEMP stack in minimal mode using the official install script on a Google Cloud Instance powered by CentOS 8. The installation process completed successfully. But I started seeing errors while creating a new virtual server. When I checked out the Network Configuration of Webmin I didn’t have any Network Interface Activated on Boot and when I checked the Active Network Interfaces I saw two interfaces. One is the default ethernet connection which showed IPv4 address not detected and the other was loopback.
Any ideas on how I can get around this error. Before this, I used Virtualmin on Ubuntu on GCP which didn’t have any such issues. It detected the ethernet interface and IPv4 address correctly.

Anybody who can help???

Hi,, i have this problem too, ill get on this subject later maybe. You have to enter 127.0.01 every time you reboot the system otherwise, virtualmin is not adding anything because of its configuration

This definitely doesn’t help. Even if I add to the list of DNS Server I face issues while creating a new virtual server.

You have to ask your isp…it’s a common issue for them.

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