Virtualmin + Nginx

Hi everyone,

It seems I might of not only post this in the wrong forum area but also within a very old post. So, I wanted to make this new and fresh. I’ve got the Nginx Module working that was released, 1.2 version I believe. However, I would like to add and modify few things to the general host file that is generated and placed into the sites-available directory.

Does, anyone know where that config file for Nginx hosts sits that gets generated? seems all the old plugins have a nginx-default.conf file with all the stuff, but this one doesn’t have that option.

Any help would be appreciated it. Thank you in advance.

I think it depends what OS you are on. For Debian the vhost configs are stored at:


But I usually manage the config files from the Webmin Module. If you go to Webmin -> Servers -> Nginx, then there is a button labelled Edit Configuration Files, or something similar, you can find all the hosts and the main config file in a drop down and edit them there.