Virtualmin nameserver not working


I have newly configured Virtualmin server on my new AWS VPS. Registered a nameserver in hostinger pointed to the new Virtualmin server setup but it’s now working, somehow it’s not resolving any of my domain, neither it’s showing any A record for these domains. I have checked their NS record which is and it’s correct but no A record for that. If this works setup will be successful for server.

I am new to virtualmin, please help.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I checked that as well as ns1 and are pointing to so you have set up DNS correctly. You also need to open port 53 for TCP and UDP for BIND to work. Can you confirm if you have done this?

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Yes, I have already done this, currently all the TCP ports are open.

Still having same issue,

Can you please just describe the steps in order to setup nameserver.

When setting nameserver to Cloudflare domain is working, but when setting it to my private virtual min nameserver it’s not working.

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I just opened all the UDP Ports and now I can see it’s working fine, I can see A records for all my domains pointing to my nameserver now. Should I now only open UDP port 53 and close other ports?

Thanks for your great help @ calport :slight_smile:

Can you also solve my email issue, I can receive email on my usermin account from outside but no email is sent from the usermin to outside, meaning Inbound email working but outbound not working :frowning:

Thanks again :slight_smile:

I am glad you got BIND working at last, @JunaidAshraf.

For help with sending out email, see:

Let’s start a separate topic, if required, for email, as this one is about nameservers.

But there will be more users to send emai, currently it’s only a few domain for testing. How to actually fix the issue for this port 25 block by my host? Is there any alternative methods or fix to work with this.

Almost all the domains need email working. Please let me know if I can use another port or anything to make is fully functional?

Start a new topic if you wish to discuss email with me. This thread is about nameservers.

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