Virtualmin (MS Azure / Ubuntu 12.04)

Hi there

i am pretty new to Virtualmin and trying install it on a MS Azure Server (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS).
Unfortunately i have some problems regarding the network settings.

Edit: in Azure my server is afaik behind a NAT firewall.
I got this message from the Checking Configuration page:
Default IP address is set to, but the detected external address is actually This is typically the result of being behind a NAT firewall, and should be corrected on the module configuration page…

I tried: , but it still doesnt work. All results made the server unavailable and i had to reinstall Ubuntu a couple of times.

Does anyone have experience with Azure? Any help is highy appriciated.


I’m not familiar with “MS Azure”, but running Virtualmin behind a NAT should work the same, no matter if it’s a home router or something else.

The default IP address of “100.91…” looks strange though, because that’s not an IP range that’s normally used for NAT. The netblock is classified as “IANA reserved”, i.e. it’s not presently in use in the Internet, but can become so at any time. It’s unfortunate if a NAT service uses that netblock.

It’s important to know under what IP address your system is reachable from the outside, and what internal IP address it gets.

To give you actual help though, we’d need to have precise information about what you tried and what went wrong. “Doesn’t work” is not an error description. :wink:

here is more detailled information what i have done so far:

Hostname and DNS Client:

DNS Server: (no matter what i do here the server always resets to this IP)
Search domains: (same here)

Apache Webserver: Virtual Server (internal IP)
Network Interfaces: lo Loopback No address configured None Yes

Routing and Gateways:
Active Configuration
Default Route eth0
Default Route eth0 None eth0

Virtual Server
IP addresses (internal IP address)
External IP address: (external IP address)

i’ve set the machine hostname to (this might be wrong) ?

I hope this information is more helpful?

Thanks in advance

Okay, I was about to write “What’s the exact problem at the moment?”, but the thing is, trying to work on a complex issue like this via the forum, without seeing your system for myself, would quite probably be too much time-consuming guesswork.

So from my end, I can offer personal support, i.e. via Skype and Teamviewer. I can do that for free to get simple problems fixed, and if you need extended support to get your server running, we can agree on a compensation. If you’d like that, feel free to contact me on Skype, user “Loc2262” (please mention this forum in your add request). I’m in timezone UTC+2.