Virtualmin modules not displaying

When I log on to Virtualmin, the only thing that shows up is “Systems Information”. None of the other modules are showing. I had one created one virtual server and two users. None of the normal links are showing on the dashboard. I can’t even create a new virtual server because that isn’t showing either.

I few days ago, my host provider, Linode, sent me an email saying that their data center was having connectivity issues. I later received another email saying the issue was resolved. Since then, I didn’t get any emails so I logged on to Virtualmin to check on it and there is nothing showing on the dashboard accept “System Information”. The virtual server is missing, the Edit Users option is missing. Everything is gone. What happened?

But when I switch to Webmin, all of the modules are listed there. The website is functioning normally. I’ve been using Virtualmin for years but never seen this before. Any idea what happened and how I can get all those modules to display again? Help!!!

Operating system Ubuntu Linux 14.04.2
Webmin version 1.860
Usermin version 1.720
Virtualmin version 6.01-3
Theme version Authentic Theme 18.49-9


Still hoping for some feedback from the community about my missing Virtualmin page. When I login to Virtualmin, the only thing that displays is the systems information. Everything else is missing. The virtual server and website are functioning normally. The . admin user that was set up with the Virtualmin dashboard is not receiving emails. It must be because the account is missing from Virtualmin. It’s as if the Virtualmin dashboard isn’t managing anything anymore. If no one from the community can help me figure this out how can I pay to get some assistance from the Virtualmin developer staff? Do I need to have Virtualmin Pro to get that support? Can I purchase an incident ticket to get some help. Please advise, folks. I’m stuck right now and need some assistance. Thanks!!!


There is a known bug with the Authentic Theme with regards to “Usermin” not showing mailbox folders. I’ve been in discussion with “Ilia” the developer on the matter.

In the meantime, I recommend you “downgrade” the Authentic Theme for “Usermin” specifically. To do so, go to:

Webmin > Webmin > Usermin Configuration > Usermin Themes

Click on Install theme tab, then choose From ftp or http URL and finally enter

This will effectively install version 18.49-9 of the Authentic Theme specifically for Usermin.