Virtualmin 'missing newline at end of file'

I’ve hacked this problem out of existence, but I’m posting this issue in case anyone else encountered it, or in case there’s a permanent fix?

I’m on open solaris (11), Perl 5.8.8.

It started when I upgraded virtualmin to 3.51 (through the webmin configuration tool). Everything seemed to work (except for inexplicably installing or enabling every webmin module in existence), except I started getting cron emails every 5 minutes:

[code:1]Your "cron" job on [my server]

produced the following output:

Warning: missing newline at end of file /etc/webmin/virtual-server/collected.webminorig
Warning: missing newline at end of file /etc/webmin/virtual-server/collected[/code:1]
After half an hour of webmin hacking (during which time I was reminded why i don’t program in perl), I hack-fixed the problem by adding a newline to /opt/webmin-1.390/virtual-server/

[code:1]# Line 186 of, from:
&print_tempfile(INFO, &serialise_variable($info));

&print_tempfile(INFO, &serialise_variable($info) . "\n"«»);[/code:1]
Now I don’t get the 5-minute cron emails. I know i could have turned off the cron job, but that would have been admitting failure.<br><br>Post edited by: whatcould, at: 2008/01/26 11:25