Virtualmin Mediawiki integration

Sorry for the possibly silly question, I searched the site and tried installing in the demo site but got an error. So…

Does VMPro provide interesting integration with Mediawiki? For example, are the system/unix users and groups available to the VMPro installation of MediaWiki? Does VMPro provide Mediawiki configuration options that make site integration with other CMSs easier (again users/groups a biggie)

I ask because it looks like Mediawiki, like other CMSs, have their own admin/config and do not necessarily interoperate with either the unix/linux system or other CMSs.<br><br>Post edited by: backspaces, at: 2008/04/01 10:33

No. Those are all things that are (severely) beyond the scope of what Virtualmin does. Virtualmin Professional installs a working MediaWiki in a secure and fast (suexec, mod_fcgid) environment. It does not alter MediaWiki in any way that would cause it to be integrated into the OS…and you probably don’t actually want that to happen, anyway. It could potentially be a source of security issues.