Virtualmin Mailman page redirect not working

I am using the Virtualmin (GPL) mailman feature. When I login, I am redirected to a new page - which never displays. However, if I copy the URL, cancel the page and then paste the URL back in the address field on my browser, it works. What could be causing the page to not display? I only have the problem in the mailman module.

Many thanks.


did you try that with a different browser as it may be cookie/session related?

Yes, I had the same thought. I had tried it in Firefox, Google Chrome and IE6 - exactly the same results with all of them.

I did notice that if I force the page to stop loading (by clicking Firefox’s “X” button) and then reload the page, nothing happens. However, if I force the page to stop loading, then move the cursor to the URL in the address bar in Firefox and click to re-enter the URL, it works. Weird.