Virtualmin mailmain module version 6.11 released

Changes since 6.10:

  • Added support for Mailman 3

Changes since 6.9:

  • Updates language files with Google Translate provided translations

As always, if you run into any problems, open a new topic with a description of the problem and any errors you get.

Where is this module? in Third party module? or where is it located?

In the Virtualmin repos where it’s always been. It is not a third-party module, we maintain it.

Package name is wbm-virtualmin-mailman for RPMs, and webmin-virtualmin-mailman for deb.

thank you, does it work with previously created lists or only with new lists?

I don’t understand what you mean?

I wonder if it works with lists created by mailman3 before installing the virtualmin module, or do the lists have to be created by the module? I mean, I have lists created with mailman3, as well as the mailman3 domain, but neither the lists previously created, nor the domain created in mailman3 for sending mail, appear to me.

Hi, in some domains the new module don’t show the existent lists. I have downgraded to webmin-virtualmin-mailman 6.9 and the lists are showed again.

Debian 10, Virtualmin, Webmin 2.101, Mailman 2.1.29

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