Virtualmin local installation and access to VPS from guest

OS type and version AlmaLinux9
Webmin version 1.999
Virtualmin version 7.1.1
Related packages SUGGESTED

I am having trouble accessing the various VPS websites from the guest? Considering that is on my local machine so there are no different public/internet domains connected to it.

Virtualbox container with Minimal Alma9 on my laptop.

Virtualbox Adapter 1 – NAT - to connect the guest to the internet
Virtualbox Adapter 2 – Guest-only – To connect to the host from guest
Virtualbox Adapter 3 – Bridged – tried with and without it.

This is what I have done:

  • Connected to host from guest pc via SSH and installed virtualmin.

  • During installation I got the fully qaulified hostname error.

  • Typed something like and progressed the installation. - that added a new line with the above domain to /var/hosts

  • Once installation finished I disabled SSL from miniserver to be able to access virtualmin UI from guest browser on IP

Finally created virtual Server but cannot access it from the guest browser?

  • If I go to I see an empty page “index of”.

Any suggestions on how to set it up / access multiple website locally from the guest?

I may have solved this. “Preview website” in Virtualmin/Services points to the correct URL to see/access the website from the guest browser. Long URL…

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