Virtualmin Linux & IIS management

Hi All,

I am new to virtualmin but have been learning about its features on Centos 5.3 and have been very impressed.

I see that it can run on windows am curious about two things.

  1. Can Virtualmin manage the asp/.net (IIS) environment in windows, and if so are there any limitations

  2. If you have both a Linux server setup (for Linux only/PHP sites) and Windows server setup (for ASP sites), can virtualmin manage both through a single administration interface, or do you have independant admin console for each.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Well, while Webmin itself can run on Windows, Virtualmin (which is a Webmin module) might be a bit more shaky.

The list of supported OS’s and distros is here:

Virtualmin works best on UNIXy OS’s.

Windows isn’t really where Virtualmin excels at the moment.

If you do have multiple servers setup – the Cloudmin product is capable of offering a single user interface to manage all your Virtualmin instances.


Thanks for the Feedback Eric.

At present I have a couple servers, Linux using Centos 5.3 and also a windows 2008 IIS for ASP developments.

I would like to be able to manage both servers with one console if possible, not neccessarily the asp server setup but have a central place for Website management, ie virtual websites, emails, traffic monitoring, etc.

Is it possible to manage the majority of things via virtualmin but redirect to the IIS server when a site requires ASP??

redirect as in call a different url to execute asp ? Yes, just edit your apache server templates and use the proper calls. If you mean to auto setup IIS sorry but virtualmin is strictly a linux thing.