Virtualmin licensing (backup server)


I’m planning to install a backup server at an alternate location, which will receive a nightly backup from the primary server. The primary dns service provides a failover which can redirect to this box, should something catastrophic happen to the primary.

In summary, this box will have virtualmin installed, but will not actually serve pages unless the other box is offline for some reason. I presume I need purchase a second license for this backup server?

Thanks for the clarification.

Any chance I could get some clarification on this? I want to get the failover server running at some point.

I guess my complaint in purchasing a second license is that this box, while available via IP, won’t be serving any pages… it’s just sitting around waiting for the primary box to crash so it can take over.

I don’t relish the though of purchasing a second license just to sit around on a backup server. (I’d rather purchase one for a second hosting box!:))

Hi Kato,

Joe and Jamie are pretty easy-going with the licensing.

Joe has mentioned in the past that they’re fine with folks running Virtualmin on a hot-spare – here’s an example: