Virtualmin License

I keep getting this error when I am trying to update virtualmin:

An error occurred contacting the Virtualmin updates server :

I am running CentOS 5.5. The install worked great, and everything seems to work, except the license file. The license was for the gpl version. There is no virtualmin-license in the /etc folder, and locate virtualmin-license turns up nothing. How do I fix this with out having to reinstall everything?

Will the missing license file affect my virtual servers?

What makes you think this is a license issue? Was there more to the error than what’s in your post?

That error indicates a network problem on your server…though it doesn’t identify specifically what error. Can you ping Can you grab a file from the lib or GPL directory (like ) using wget?

Anyway, it’s not a license issue, as far as I can tell…Virtualmin GPL doesn’t have a license for there to be issues with.