Virtualmin is looking for MariaDB when I have mysqld installed (Centos 7)

Just installed the latest virtualmin on a brand new Centos7, and before installing virtualmin I also installed the latest mysql5.7.
For some reason, Virtualmin is now looking for mariadb instead of mysql inside the Mysql Module!

Failed to start database : Redirecting to /bin/systemctl start mariadb.service Failed to start mariadb.service: Unit mariadb.service failed to load: No such file or directory.

When I try to yum install mariadb I get this

[root@CentOS-72-64-minimal ~]# yum install mariadb
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
 * base:
 * epel:
 * extras:
 * remi-safe:
 * updates:
Package 1:mariadb-5.5.44-2.el7.centos.x86_64 is obsoleted by mysql-community-client-5.7.10-1.el7.x86_64 which is already installed
Nothing to do

Also found this related post, but IMHO the MySQL module should not be looking for MariaDB. A separate MariaDB should be doing that…I am happy with mysql 5.7. No need for mariadb…


Well, a few things there –

First, there’s some changes made in MySQL 5.7 that Webmin and Virtualmin don’t fully support yet (they will in the next release though). So you may run into some problems when adding users and such in the meantime.

Second, Mariadb is what comes with CentOS 7. Webmin is configured to use that. If you wish to use an alternate database, you would need to go into Webmin’s Module Config for the MySQL module, and configure it to use your preferred database. You would need to change the paths to the various database commands, along with the start and stop commands.

My recommendation is to stick with the database that comes with CentOS 7. That’ll give you the least amount of trouble.

However, if you really wish to use MySQL 5.7, the new Virtualmin release should be out soon, and it should be possible to use MySQL 5.7 at that point.


Much appreciated Eric. Uninstalled mysql and will go with MariaDB.