Virtualmin Installer - Old and New

I downloaded file and took a look inside it. It was completely changed comparing with the one I know from a year ago. Personally I don’t like how Virtualmin is installing packages without any control. In the previous version of installer 2015 - 2016, in Debian I could see the packages listed one after other in a line. I could change easy mysql-server, mysql-client to maria or percona then starting the installation process. Looking into the log after installation there are many more packages installed than in the past. Then I have to uninstall mariadb to install percona, php7 to install 5.6 for magento, a waiste of time.

I will try using the old installer to see what is happening. If it is working I will continue using it. Is it a way to control what packages are installed with the new installer? I read all about it. The minimal installation is not what I am looking for.

Any thoughts about what was installed by default in the past and now?