virtualmin installed how to use it?


I had already installed webmin, and I have installed virtualmin, the installation finish without any errors, but if I login to https://ip:10000/ there is nothing related to virtualmin, where is it? I dont have an option to create a virtual server…

at system information I have “Package updates All Virtualmin packages are up to date.”

what can be the issue? how can I use virtualmin if it is not there? I only see the webmin control panel

Thank you

You answered the option yourself in your reply.

You installed webmin, not virtualmin.

  1. Virtualmin also installs Webmin

  2. Webmin does not install Virtualmin


Virtualmin is a module of Webmin, and while it is possible to install Virtualmin after installing Webmin, it can sometimes be confusing to find the Virtualmin functionality if done in this order.

If you’d like assistance, I can setup a screen sharing session to help you straighten things out. Just drop me an email :slight_smile:

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