Virtualmin install / upgrade

Hi there,

I have been trying to setup Webmin and Virtualmin and a whole lot of other things on my server by following a guide only to find later on that it is actually possible to install Virtualmin using an automatic install script. I obviously overlooked this for some strange reason and now wish I had not.

Unfortunately I am having some troubles getting spamassassin to work properly it seems. Also I don’t think domain keys are working and I am sure there are other things that don’t work properly that I can’t think of. I keep running into problem after problem and solutions are getting harder to find.

Is it possible to use the automated install script now to setup everything even though I have it setup already? Will it install ok and correct the wrong settings and install the missing files and overwrite files etc. or will it just cause me to have to format the system and start from scratch? Has anyone tried it?

If it is possible somehow then what would be the differences in the ways that the install script configures the system that I probably wouldn’t have done by following this guide?

Thank you very much for any advice or help you can give!


There’s a lot that the install script does :slight_smile:

It does indeed setup Postfix and procmail to work with SpamAssassin – it does not, on the other hand, attempt to setup DKIM/Domain Keys (though that’s on Joe’s todo list).

Aside from simply configuring daemons and such, exactly how much have you setup so far?

Do you have any websites setup in Apache, email addresses configured, MySQL databases created, or users on the system?

Those are the things that are likely to break, or at least not get imported correctly into Virtualmin.

So can you use the automated install script? It’s certainly not the recommended way of doing it, but maybe :slight_smile:

If you have anything “live” setup at all, it’s likely to get lost. It’ll probably try to fix the config files – how well that’ll work depends on how different they are from a new install :slight_smile:

I’ve never attempted an install on an existing system, and it’s certainly not the recommended way of doing things, so if you decided to try it, I’d go into it with the idea that things could go awry :wink:

Hi Eric,

Thank you for your reply =)

I have pretty much everything setup and working except spamassassin and domain keys. I don’t have any sites or anything created though but it sounds like I do not want to try this automated install on this server. Perhaps I will install it on some test server at home here and see how it goes.

Perhaps I will start a new topic about my spam assassin problems and maybe fix that.

Thanks again!