virtualmin install scripts

I’m using virtualmin fee ATM.

It seems to have couple of install scripts, but is there a way to add some more? Or is this a paid only feature? :frowning:

Mainly wanting some common scripts like WordPress for testing. And can’t quite justify the license till I get a decent client base,and I will definatly buy it then, but for now, is there any other way to add couple of scripts?

The install scripts, aside from the 4 or 5 in the GPL version, are indeed only available in Virtualmin Pro. Maybe the developers will add some more common ones to GPL from time to time. :slight_smile:

If you do any coding, there is always the option to create the scripts yourself… there’s instructions here on how to create an install script:

Oh Awesome, thanks heaps.

When i get around to it, i will make few that i need… :slight_smile:

Realistically, the virtualmin devs cannot create each install script themselves - but maybe there’s a way to get the community involved ?
How about offering a VirtualMin Pro license for each contributed install script ?
Maybe that would provide some incentive for people to come up with new scripts :slight_smile:

Otherwise, one could also think about leveraging existing installer scripts, such as the appliances supported by turnkeylinux (phpBB, Wordpress, phpMyFAQ etc) and either use those as a starting point for new scripts, or possibly come up with a converter to use those in virtualmin ?

TKL already uses webmin internally, so some joint effort would actually seem sensible here…